Latest Past Events

Discovery Park of America Outing

Discovery Park of America 830 Everett Blvd., Union City

You're in for a treat this spring as we plan on visiting one of the area's best museums, the Discovery Park of America. Their incredible array of exhibits guarantees a good time and something to see for everyone. The cost includes your admission and a sack lunch. We will be using the Senior Center bus


February Member Luncheon

McCracken Co. Extension Office 2025 New Holt Rd., Paducah

This month's luncheon will not only feature the delicious combo of pizza, salad, and cookie cake, but Deanna Leonard from our local Health Department will be joining us to share some important and helpful information.

Christmas Lights & Cracker Barrel Outing

Noble Park 2801 Park Avenue, Paducah

Can't go wrong with a ride through the park to see some beautiful lights, and then a fireside meal at good ol' Cracker Barrell. Looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our members!