Made To Stay

Supporting Seniors To Stay In Their Homes

Board of Directors


Bud Qualk – Chairperson





Fletcher Schrock- Vice Chairperson




Brenda Burrow – Secretary/Treasurer




Joy Cope – Member Representative



Sandra Burnette – Volunteer Representative

We have some exciting changes to our Board of Directors!

Bud Qualk has moved from Vice Chairperson to Chairperson.  Bud is well known throughout the community for his work with seniors.  He is a Vice President and Trust Officer of Independence Bank.

Brenda Burrow is our Secretary/Treasurer.  Brenda & her husband Keith are two of the founders/creators of Made to Stay.  They are also part of our Leadership Team.

Joy Cope is our member representative of the Board.  She is a very enthusiastic supporter and member of Made to Stay.  She works tirelessly promoting our organization to everyone she comes in contact with.

Fletcher Schrock is joined our Board in June 2017.  He is a lawyer with McMurry & Livingston in Paducah.  He will be a valuable asset to our organization.  He is now our vice-chairperson.

Sandra Burnett is our volunteer representative.  She joined our Board in December 2017.  She has been a volunteer for over a year and has transported many of our members to their appointments.  She brings many good recommendations to our organization.


We would like to thank Joe Kimmell who has been our Chairperson from the beginning and rotated off the Board June 2017.  He was instrumental in getting us organized, incorporated, and our 501(c)(3) status.  We couldn’t have done it without him.